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Hope is Not a Strategy

Most business owners hope of an advertising & marketing scenario in which their efforts will be effective while at the same time inexpensive but hope is not a true strategy for success. Assigning the right amount to the right mediums and sticking to your company's brand will always be a more solid strategy. A checklist for a…
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Brand Identity Starts with the Logo

MAKING IT THROUGH A LOGO DESIGN AND FINAL APPROVAL PROCESS: Brand identity starts with your logo. A company’s logo is the beginning of a relationship with your customer and the first visual example of what a company stands for. In some cases it may be the only opportunity you have to connect with a potential…
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If You Build It, They Will Come

If You Build It They Will Come There is an old saying that goes you have to spend money to make money. While not necessarily true or false--as a business you do need to put effort into marketing your brand. A good substantial customer base comes from marketing brands that form strong images, connections and…
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Brand Building Begins With Customer Relationships

Evolving technology and customer expectations drive brand development today. By focusing on your customer base everybody wins. Your customers feel trust, love and respect and reciprocate by purchasing products and services. Evolving technology blossoms those comments into more customers and more demands for products and services. Need some help with brand development? For over 30…
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