Hope is Not a Strategy

Most business owners hope of an advertising & marketing scenario in which their efforts will be effective while at the same time inexpensive but hope is not a true strategy for success. Assigning the right amount to the right mediums and sticking to your company's brand will always be a more solid strategy. A checklist for a truly successful campaign include:


1) Identify and target your audience - Regardless if you are advertising online or off, make sure your copy and imagery reflects your customer base.
2) Stick to your brand - Can your customers quickly identify your business and products/services? Some businesses will change their imagery, colors, and ad layouts depending on what and when they are advertising but that may lead to confusion for your customer base.


3) Know your competition - Identify who and what your competition is and identify what gives you a competitive advantage or unique selling point.


4) Using the proper resources - Researching your target audience will help you better understand who they are and which mediums to invest your advertising & marketing budget: Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +), Google AdWords, Radio, Print. Try not to make your decisions based on price; diversify your advertising budget to best target your audience.

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