Dean Hart
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Coast Central Credit Union

Coast Central Credit Union

“Cox Rasmussen has been a strategic communications partner with Coast Central since 2003. They contribute to our comprehensive branding campaign, keeping our brand and products top of mind with our members and community. More than simply a conventional ad agency, producing media creative for print, radio, TV, and web, Cox Rasmussen has also had a significant hand in the design and updating of our 12 member service branches (both internal merchandising and external signage), as well as executing all of our public relations initiatives. The overall quality of the Coast Central TV and Radio advertising has raised the bar significantly in Humboldt County!”


Aaron Ostrum
Owner/General Manager/Team Manager
Pacific Outfitters
Founder - Pacific Outfitters Academy & Adventures
President - PacOut Green Team

Pacific Outfitters

"CoxRasmussen & Co. has exceeded our expectations of an ad agency. They are always extremely helpful and their customer service is top notch! I highly recommend them!"


Sabrina De Lashmutt
Outreach Coordinator
McLean Foundation
Fund Manager
Fortuna Community Health Center

McLean Foundation

"After interviewing a number of different agencies CoxRasmussen & Co. was the obvious choice to help us run a successful capital campaign for the new Fortuna Community Health Center. They have helped with all the faucets of our fundraising, from working with us to create a concise and informative 12-page brochure to producing a persuasive video. Throughout the process I felt as though the folks at CoxRasmussen & Co. were on my team. They understood the messages I wanted to convey and created all of our collateral to reflect those ideas in a consistent and fresh way. Working alongside these professionals, who have a proven track record in all aspects of design and creation, gave me complete confidence in the final product. I would recommend them to anyone who would like to work with a smart, conscientious and creative group who know their stuff!"

David McMurray_Testimonial

David W. McMurray
McMurray and Sons Roofing

mcmurray and sons roofing

CoxRasmussen & Co. has been an integral part of our business plan for the last three decades.  Looking back, we have been challenged to keep up with new methods and technologies in the ever changing world of advertising. With CoxRasmussen’s vision  and  advertising  acumen, McMurray and Sons can thank them for their contribution to our continued success.


Curt Cournale
Cournale & Co.

Cournale & Co. Real Estate

"We have appreciated CoxRasmussen & Co.'s creative and professional service over the years and have especially appreciated your 'follow up.' Thanks to your interest in our business, projects 'stay on course' and get done."


Dale Warmuth
Leon's Car Care Center

Leon's Car Care Center

"We have been using CoxRasmussen since 1996 as our creators and media placement agency. I believe they have helped us create top of mind awareness in the auto service industry. They always keep our budget in mind. Their staff are trusted demographic hunters. So I don't have to figure out which one of the 38 radio stations, or 588 TV shows to advertise on. This of course allows us to repair and maintain more vehicles."


Elaina Jackson
Chief Operating Officer
The Pacific Wood Preserving Companies

The Pacific Wood Preserving Companies

"The Pacific Wood Preserving Companies is the 12th largest wood treater in the nation and the second largest on the West Coast. We felt we needed a more cohesive and professional advertising campaign and contacted the CoxRasmussen Advertising Agency to help us plan our program. We were "wowed" by the first presentation and have continued to be "wowed" by their attentive and expert customer service. This agency has an unusual combination of world-class artistry skills, business acumen and creativity that is difficult to find in an advertising agency. Best of all, our image campaign has received positive customer and salesperson feedback, from our hip new trade show booths to our coordinated print advertising campaign for our divergent product lines. We would heartily recommend CoxRasmussen to all but our competition!"


Ted and Margaret Vivatson
Eel River Brewing Co.

Eel River Brewing Co.

"Eel River Brewing Company is America's first certified organic brewery. In 1998 we contacted CoxRasmussen & Company regarding label designs for our new certified organic line up. As we have continued to add new microbrew labels they have continued to impress us with their creative capabilities. We also asked their public relations department to assist us with the creation and placement of press releases and ads in national publications. We appreciate their willingness to meet tough deadlines and their consistent efforts to achieve results for our company."


Greg V. Aslanian
Senior Director of Adult and Alternative Education
Eureka City Schools

Eureka City Schools

"My administrative staff and I interviewed several local marketing agencies to help us boost our client base. Hands down, the folks from CoxRasmussen became the clear choice to assist us in this effort. Prior to our initial interview, Alicia and Brent began gathering information about us and familiarizing themselves with our programs. They were remarkably insightful in recognizing our strengths and identifying our shortcomings. This up-front work on their part allowed us to get right to the task at hand and within a short period of time a sense of excitement and renewed energy began spreading throughout my entire staff. The great people skills demonstrated by the entire staff at CoxRasmussen made the transformation of Eureka Adult School an enjoyable, rejuvenating process. Their expertise in all aspects of marketing is unparalleled. The quality of their product and customer service is exceptional. Above all, their familiarity with the local community matched our needs perfectly. I would recommend CoxRasmussen to any organization seeking greater visibility and improved recognition."


Sally Arnot
Humboldt Arts Council

Humboldt Arts Council

"Our 'Creating Community Through Art' video, produced by CoxRasmussen, captured the essence of the Humboldt Arts Council's leadership, programs, and services for the arts in our community. As owners and operators of the Morris Graves Museum of Art, we truly appreciated the professional services of CoxRasmussen in developing this important promotional video for our organization to benefit our community."


Carol Rische
General Manager
Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District

Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District

"CoxRasmussen developed a DVD for Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District's 50th Anniversary called "Water Our Most Valuable Resource - a Fifty Year History, 1956-2006." CoxRasmussen worked closely and collaboratively with the District on development of the script, on acquisition of historical photos and records, and overall production of the video recording. They were wonderful to work with and interested in our satisfaction every step of the way.

"Their creativity and expertise were instrumental to this successful production. Their final product was magnificent - it was interesting and informative, and succinctly captured key historical events of the District's formation and development. It will be a lasting treasure for our community."


Norman Polston
A Devoted Customer,
Mad River Science

Mad River Science

"Several years ago I knew I had finally found the help I needed, when I first talked to CoxRasmussen about creating display and brochure graphics for a line of children products I manufacture. I was scheduled to attend an inventor's forum in Las Vegas and had nothing to represent my company or products that even resembled professional quality. Much to my delight, CoxRasmussen not only designed a brochure and table displays that were perfect for the occasion, but they did it in record time.

"They later designed labels for my line of natural nail polish and natural nail polish remover, and redesigned my website, gonatural.biz, into a workhorse of engineering beauty. My on-line business doubled as a result of these efforts. CoxRasmussen also developed a marketing program for my nail polish line, which we are currently implementig to great advantage.

"While their technical expertise is tops, more importatly, perhaps, is the genuine interest they showed in all aspects of my business: congratulations on my successes, sympathy on my failures, friendship always - and their never-flinching assistance and support no matter how eccentric a new idea might be. I always look forward to meeting with CoxRasmussen and plan to engage their talents for years to come. Thank you so very much, CoxRasmussen, for everything."


Jeff Nelson
SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists, Inc.

SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists, Inc.

"We began our relationship with CoxRasmussen in early 1999 when they created a web site for us that we have continued to update and use. More recently, CoxRasmussen created a brochure and presentation materials for our regional consulting firm. Their concept included coordinating an array of on-location photo shoots that not only resulted in beautiful presentation sheets, but a bank of professional photographs we now have available for a variety of uses. They were receptive to our ideas, presented ideas we gladly incorporated, and guided us in a direction we're happy to say does not look "engineered." Their creative professionalism and patience in dealing with a group of busy professionals (all of whom had distinctively individual ideas on what the end product should look like) has helped us develop a presentation package we're proud of. We look forward to working with CoxRasmussen on our next project."


Kelly Lusa
Project Manager
Marketing & Product Development
The California Redwood Company

The California Redwood Company

"We have worked with CoxRasmussen & Co. on a variety of projects over the past few years. They have partnered with our marketing team to introduce our new brand to our customers and have truly operated as a team member, helping us to meet the needs of our growing national customer base. We have been impressed with their ability to creatively brainstorm solutions to new products, and have greatly appreciated their quick response to meeting the often short deadlines required to fulfill our customer's needs. We highly recommend their services."


Barbara Garza
Director of Community Outreach
Hospice of Humboldt

Hospice of Humboldt

"Cox Rasmussen has worked with Hospice of Humboldt on the development of our Capital Campaign video and website. It goes without saying they are creative, but they are also marketing and design professionals who bring a collaborative and responsive team to each project. The video is the emotional driver when we make presentations to potential donors---and without fail viewers comment on what a compelling video it is—just the response we wanted! Our website will launch soon and I expect it to have similar success. I highly recommend Cox Rasmussen services for marketing projects."